Airbnbならぬ“Bearbnb”? イギリスで100エーカーの森にあるプーさんの家に泊まれる



LINK: A house fit for Disney’s Winnie the Pooh – 借りられるツリーハウス – Nutley, イングランド, イギリス


LINK: A house fit for Disney’s Winnie the Pooh in the original Hundred Acre Wood


  • Strictly no heffalumps inside the house 
  • Hands are to be kept out of the honey pots 
  • A snack of “a little something” encouraged at 11 o’clock in the morning
  • Poohsticks is mandatory 
  • Multiple naps are permitted 
  • No pets (other than Roos, Tiggers, Eeyores, Piglets and Pooh Bears) 
  • Maximum four guests per stay; up to three children 
  • No smoking, you’ll upset the bees 
  • For safety reasons, it’s recommended that only guests aged 6+ sleep in the single beds on the mezzanine level. A cot or camp bed can be provided on the ground floor for younger guests.