NTTドコモによる日本版Disney+ローンチは“限定的”? ディズニーCFOがバンク・オブ・アメリカのインタビューに答える



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2020年9月10日、バンク・オブ・アメリカ主催のBank of America Virtual 2020 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conferenceが開催されました。この中でウォルト・ディズニーのCFO、クリスティーヌ・マッカーシー氏がインタビューに答えております。ちょっと前に開催されたものですが、やっとスクリプトを読めました。



One of the businesses that I just want to mention as probably the last to come back for us will be the cruise business, and that has to do with just the nature of cruising.


As we mentioned, there was a spike in July in Florida, and that had an impact on the visitation that we had expected because people couldn’t – didn’t choose to necessarily travel to Florida. So what we did was we shifted to more local visitation as well as opening it up more fully to annual pass holders.


So we’re not going to be opening up things if we don’t have sufficient demand. But by the end of this fiscal year, we expect to have a little over 50% of our hotels — resorts opened.



Well, the cruise ships – COVID has had an impact on lots and lots of businesses and lots and lots of supply chains. And the shipyard we utilize for our cruise ships, Meyer Werft, was impacted and we encountered a delay. We’re in negotiations and discussions with the shipyard to finalize dates. But as soon as we have those, we’ll let – we’ll make an announcement when we expect the fifth ship, which is the first of the 3 to be delivered. But it is delayed from what we had originally anticipated.

2021年から2023年にかけ、新たに3隻のクルーズ船を計画していることに関して、クリスティーヌ・マッカーシー氏は造船を行うMeyer WerftもCOVID-19の影響を強く受けており、当初予定していた2021年の就航は難しいとコメント。さらに「予想よりも遅れている」とも答えています。現在、造船所と交渉中で、最終的な日程を決めようとしているとのこと。

パーク投資計画のトッププライオリティは「Avengers Campus」そして「Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway」

But the ones that we’re really focused on are things like the Star Wars hotel that we’ve discussed publicly that will be in Walt Disney World, that’s a priority; completion of the Avengers Campus in Disneyland; as well as Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, which is also in – it’s a priority project for Disneyland.

設備投資計画を約42億ドルに引き下げたことに言及されたクリスティーヌ・マッカーシー氏は、パークの投資計画に変化があったかと問われ、現時点でのディズニーランド・リゾートの投資計画のトッププライオリティとして、当初7月18日オープン予定だった「Avengers Campus」、そして2022年オープン予定が2023年に遅延した「Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway」を挙げています。フロリダ、ウォルト・ディズニー・ワールドに関しては、COVID-19による休園の直前に「Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway」がオープンしています。


Jessica Reif Ehrlich – Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Okay. How much traction are you seeing for Disney+ in major markets where you recently launched, markets like India, parts of Western Europe and Japan? I mean these are markets that – where you have a huge consumer following like a real affinity to Disney brands. And Japan, of all markets, I always think of as like – is one of the highest like Disney – I don’t know, how do you say, Disney affinity, I guess, is the way to say it. But once you fully roll out the service, will it be bundled with other telcos besides NTT DOCOMO?

Christine McCarthy – Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Walt Disney Company

In Japan? Well, Japan is an interesting case. So the – we did a limited launch in Japan, which was through NTT DOCOMO. And we still have it on our launch road map for doing a full launch outside of just NTT DOCOMO.

And you’re right, Japan, the Japanese culture, it – Disney resonates extremely well. If for – whatever it taps into in that culture, the classic characters, just the Disney folklore, it really does resonate well. But that, we will continue.

But in general, when you asked about our international launches, I think it’s fair to say that we have been – all of the launches have exceeded our expectations, just like the U.S. exceeded expectations. Once again, the U.S. is such a large market, and we’re based here and everybody knows Disney if you’re living in the U.S. But all of the international launches have exceeded expectations thus far.



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