【dp!】ディズニーランド・パリ「Mickey and the Magician」を配信 …

ディズニーランド・パリ「Mickey and the Magician」を配信。日本時間の2020年5月17日23時から。

Disneyland Paris Watch Parties – Mickey et le Magicien ✨

LINK: Disneyland Paris ENさんのツイート: “Gaze in wonder as you follow Mickey in his quest to become a masterful magician! ?✨ Watch this previously recorded broadcast of “Mickey and the Magician” this Sunday at 4pm (BST), exclusively on our YouTube channel: https://t.co/xH9YwtWDya #DisneyMagicMoments… https://t.co/G31sSI3J7w”