【dp!】ディズニー・ハリウッドスタジオ「Muppet*Vision 3D」が29周年を迎える …(update)

フロリダ ウォルト・ディズニー・ワールド・リゾート

ディズニー・ハリウッドスタジオ「Muppet*Vision 3D」が29周年を迎える。ジム・ヘンソンがカーミットを演じた最後の作品。

LINK: Happy Anniversary to Muppet*Vision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! | Disney Parks Blog




ジム・ヘンソンは生前、マペッツたちのホームとしてディズニーを提案しており、セサミストリートを除くMuppets、Bear In The Big Blue Houseなどの権利は、2004年2月にディズニーに移管されました。

Lisa Henson said, “In the months before his death in 1990, my father Jim Henson pursued extensive discussions with The Walt Disney Company based on his strong belief that Disney would be a perfect home for the Muppets. As such, the deal we announced today is the realization of my father’s dream, and ensures that the Muppet characters will live, flourish and continue to delight audiences everywhere, forever. My brothers and sisters-Brian, Cheryl, John, Heather-and I are so proud to have the Muppets living under the same roof as Walt Disney’s own timeless characters. We could not possibly be more pleased.”


LINK: The Walt Disney Company And The Jim Henson Company Sign Agreement For Disney To Buy The “Muppets” And “Bear In The Big Blue House” – The Walt Disney Company