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LINK:Kids Remember – Test Track | Walt Disney World
Little ones share their favorite memory about taking a spin on Test Track in Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort! http://di.sn/60010lhPSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disney World, you’ve got a whole fantastic world to celebrate in! With four spectacular theme parks and two

「キャストの仕事」という本をご存じだろうか。 東京ディズニーリゾートはじめての公式キャスト本、と銘打っているこの本は、バックステージではたらく職種も含めて、ほんとうに全部のキャストのことが掲載されてい


LINK:ディズニーが贈る、等身大のプリンセス・ストーリー!世界中で1億4,180万人以上が視聴※1「ちいさなプリンセス ソフィア」女児の間で認知・人気共に絶好調※2を受け新商品も続々販売開始!|ウォルト・ディズニー・ジャパン株式会社のプレスリリース


ご予約について ※ご予約は、オンライン予約・購入サイトにて、ご希望日の3日前の20:59まで承ります。 ※本商品のご予約は、宿泊ゲストが対象となります。 ※販売枠数に限りがございます。ご予約ページにてご確認くだ


LINK:Disney Passenger Drowns at Castaway Cay
According to reports by the Tribune, on Thursday afternoon, a 38–year-old man from New York man who was a passenger onboard the Disney Wonder moored at Castaway Cay drowned while swimming. The details of the incident are unknown.


LINK:ディズニー値上げは妥当か 大混雑で見える“ほころび”

LINK:TVCM 2015年 「イースター・ボンネット」編
【TVCM 2015年 「イースター・ボンネット」編】この春、はじめてのディズニー・イースターを迎える東京ディズニーシー。自慢のおしゃ­れに身を包んだディズニーの仲間たちがスタイリッシュなファッションの祝祭

LINK:ディズニーストア イースターシリーズ 3月中旬より順次発売予定|ウォルト・ディズニー・ジャパン株式会社のプレスリリース

LINK:akasaka Sacas 赤坂サカス|Bright Sacas in Akasaka
1F「TBS BooBo Café」はTBS正面玄関を入ってすぐ、週替わりの ランチとカレーが大人気のカフェです。 どなたでもご利用いただけますので、是非ご来店お待ちしております。

LINK:Disney Sea & Shore Week with Wheel of Fortune | Disney Parks
Mickey Mouse & friends join Vanna White & Pat Sajak for “Disney Sea & Shore Week,“ celebrating Disney Cruise Line, Aulani & Adventures by Disney on Wheel of Fortune! See all of the places your family can go with Disney! http://di.sn/6006FDx0Check local listings for time and channel. SUBSCRIBE: htt

LINK:Disney Sea & Shore Week on ‘Wheel of Fortune’
There are many partners that we work with at Disney – but it’s no secret that “Wheel of Fortune” is one of our favorites, and we’re always thinking about new ways that we can work together. Disney Cruise Line has been featured on the show before.

LINK:Kids Remember – Tower of Terror | Walt Disney World
Little ones share their favorite memory about traveling to the fifth dimension on Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort! http://di.sn/60070lhVHow do your kids remember The Barnstormer? http://di.sn/6008FDo0SUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt

LINK:A Look at Disney Cruise Line’s Remy Through the Eyes of Three Michelin-Starred Advising Chef Arnaud Lallement
The ever-changing menu at our French-inspired restaurant, Remy, is created by two prestigious chefs, Scott Hunnel and Arnaud Lallement, who are both internationally known for their outstanding culinary creations.

LINK:Preview: “Frozen” comes to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2015 as Walt Disney World brings back tasty treats too
Jump into the Spring season at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2015 with topiaries, lively entertainment and enjoyable food starting March 4.

LINK:Disney Theme Park Merchandise Blog
Top of the morning from Disneyland® Paris! Don’t forget to add a piece of greet to your wardrobe as you check out the exciting new pins releasing this month! Also, save the date for the next Pin Trading Night on March 27, 2015 at 6p.m. at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne® Yellow Rose Dance Hall.

LINK:Disney’s Remy Chef Arnaud Lallement | Disney Cruise Line
If you haven’t dined at Remy on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream yet, you most likely haven’t had the exceptional experience of tasting dishes developed by Chef Arnaud Lallement. http://di.sn/6009FDdcHear first-hand from Chef Arnaud about his commitment to bringing excellence to Remy & Disney

LINK:[EN] Don’t wait to take them to Disneyland Paris!
There comes a time in their lives when they are not little kids anymore… but not quite gown-ups yet. At this age they change so fast, so don’t wait to take them to a place where you can still share everything together. http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/

LINK:Disney Weddings Created the Most Amazing Cake You’ll Ever See
Everything that Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings ever does always turns out more than magical. Somehow, they managed to take magical to the next level with the invention of something called wedding cake projection mapping. Get ready to have your mind blown…


LINK:[EN] Don’t wait to take them to Disneyland Paris!
There is an age when they meet new princesses…and true princesses. At an age when they don’t want to be treated like a little kid anymore, there is still a place where their dreams come true as grown up as they might be.So don’t wait to take them to Disneyland Paris.http://www.disneylandparis.

LINK:Before and After: The Lion King Broadway Costume Transformations
In 1998 Julie Taymor won a Tony Award for for Best Costumes for The Lion King, and her beautifully intricate designs are still seen around the globe today in the hit musical based on the 1994 film.

LINK:20 Years of Indiana Jones Adventure
March 3, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Resort! To celebrate, we talked to Disney Legend Tony Baxter about what it was like to bring this hugely popular attraction to life, and why many people thought it was “inconceivable” to create such an experience.

LINK:Disney Wedding Dreams by Cinderella’s Stepsisters
Cinderella’s stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, crashed the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons Showcase to chat about their very own happily ever afters. See more: http://bit.ly/1G4EFfr

LINK:2015 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Showcase
It’s not every day you get to experience the magic of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons all in one room, but that’s exactly what happened today at our annual Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Showcase.

LINK:Join ‘Galactic Gathering’ for Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 14 : Disney Parks Blog
Star Wars Weekends 2015 returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort on Friday, May 15. To kick off this event, Disney Theme Park Merchandise is holding a special ticketed event called “Galactic Gathering” on Thursday, May 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

LINK:Today in Disney History : Indiana Jones Adventure Opens at Disneyland Park, 1995 : Disney Parks Blog
On March 3, 1995, Disneyland park guests began exploring the Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Indiana Jones Adventure. Now a classic, this thrill ride takes intrepid explorers on a journey to discover the mysteries of the temple alongside world-famous archeologist, Indiana Jones.

LINK:Get Your First Look at the World of Zootopia
Zootopia comes out exactly one year from today, and this new piece of concept art makes us wish it was already 2016! The image we saw at the last D23 Expo showed us one of the characters, but with this new art, we get a view into the imaginative, colorful world of the film.

LINK:PHOTOS – Merchandise Blooms at Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2015
The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2015 runs from March 4 to May 17 at Walt Disney World Resort. With beautiful flowers to see and delicious food to taste, I love strolling around Epcot a few times throughout spring.

LINK:Walt Disney World events for March 2015
With February in the books, here’s a look ahead at what’s coming to Disney World throughout March. March 2-8, 18-22: Artist Greg McCollough will be making multiple appearances and signings at Art of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

LINK:Welcome to the new Upcoming Pixar!
On a Spring day on November 2004, a passionate Pixar fan, Thomas Huxley (bawpcwpn), made his first post on his recently created Pixar blogspot.com account, in anticipation for the release of Cars that next year.

LINK:カリフォルニア ディズニー、開園60周年で日本人入園者数2桁増見込む
 カリフォルニア ディズニーランド・リゾートは5月22日から、開園60周年を記念したイベント「ダイヤモンド・セレブレーション」を開催する。2月27日におこなったプレス発表会でアジアパシフィック ウォルト・ディズニ

LINK:Photos: Dapper Day at Disney faces off against the pyschobilly crowd at Knott’s
Move over hipsters. Dapper Dans and Dames sporting fashion from a bygone era invaded Disneyland on Sunday for Dapper Day. While at Knott’s Berry Farm, punk rockers, and pyschobilly fans sported high pompadours, chic leather jackets and rolled up jeans.

LINK:Disney memorabilia goes for $1.7 million
SHERMAN OAKS – A high-end Porsche or a piece of Disneyland history? An original skeleton prop used in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which opened in 1967, went for $129,000. One winner got a cigar store Indian that stood in Frontierland in the 1960s for $44,000.

LINK:「アルティメット・スパイダーマン ウェブ・ウォーリアーズ」 テレビ東京系6局ネットにて放送決定!|ウォルト・ディズニー・ジャパン株式会社のプレスリリース

LINK:What’s Up Moms Vacation To Aulani Resort & Spa
What’s Up Moms just got back from their Aulani vacation in Hawaii! Check out highlights from their trip and a few travel tips in this video! http://di.sn/6003FP0NAre you Livin’ For the Share? http://di.sn/6006FDW0Check out Snack Tips w/ Meg – http://di.sn/6005FPmcCheck out Packing Tips w/ Elle – htt

Contacts: Lowell Singer (Investor Relations) 818.560.6601  Zenia Mucha (Corporate Communications)  818.560.

LINK:#DisneySide Sports Style : Disney Track & Field Showcase at Walt Disney World Resort : Disney Parks Blog
Disney Track & Field Showcase, an elite high school competition held at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, is just around the corner. Here are a few ways to show your #DisneySide during the event!

LINK:Disney and Orlando City Team Up to Make Soccer Magic at Walt Disney World Resort
With Orlando City Soccer Club only days away from its Major League Soccer debut this weekend, Walt Disney World Resort is getting in on the fun.

LINK:Avengers Assemble For a New Age of Ultron Trailer
Today, Marvel Studios released their latest trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fans of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been waiting anxiously for the new film’s release this May and this preview offers insight into the Avenger’s next foe, Ultron.

LINK:Topiaries Prepared for Frozen’s Anna & Elsa | Walt Disney World
Watch as Horticulture Manager of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, Eric Darden, gives us a closer look at the royal sisters, Anna and Elsa, before they made their debut at Epcot: http://di.sn/6004FDejTo read more, visit the Disney Parks Blog: http://bit.ly/1EkYvRmSUBSCRIBE: http://di

LINK:The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Returns Today
The 22nd Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival starts today, and we’ve got plenty of fresh experiences, food and music for you to enjoy. Our 11 Outdoor Kitchens are bursting with flavors from the garden, the barbecue and the globe.

LINK:Marc Davis, Fine Artist, Animator
I have written before about Marc Davis’ many artistic talents. Here are a few more examples that showcase the wide scope of his skills. I just love the nude study above which goes all the way back to 1939.

LINK:[NL] Maak je klaar voor Frozen Summer Fun in Disneyland Paris
Van 1 juni t/m 13 september 2015 daalt de magie van Frozen neer in het Disneyland® Park. Wees erbij wanneer Anna en Elsa het park doorkruisen in een flonkerende koets en zing daarna samen met hen en Olaf je favoriete Frozen liedjes in een interactieve, live Frozen sing-a-long die ieders hart doet s

LINK:Relationship Shifts: The Future of Architecture as Seen Through Rose Windows From the 16th Century to Shanghai Disneyland
In 1599, British stonemason Robert Smythson undertook the creation of a rose window—one of the most iconic design elements in architecture. His sketch for it encapsulates ideation typical of the time before architects and builders had so neatly divided their roles.


LINK:视频: 上海迪士尼:空中俯瞰建设情况 年底将全面建成[东方新闻]
反馈 移动版 APP下载 会员 首页 频道 优酷首页 电视剧 电影 综艺 音乐 动漫 全部 资讯中心 资讯 纪录片 体育 财经 教育 公益 娱乐中心 娱乐 原创 游戏 搞笑 优酷出品 生活中心 生活 时尚 旅游 汽车 科技

春の訪れと同時に、いろんなイベントが開催される3月です。 イベントをチェックして、ご滞在をお楽しみください!! 【EPCOT】 The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 22回目を迎えるインターナショナル フラワー&ガーデ

LINK:Details about Disney Store Tsum Tsum The Little Mermaid:King Triton Mini Plush Toy
Delivery will last approx: United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada 15 – 29 days. +++ (Over 30 days, FULL refund.) Other countries such as Brazil, Italy,South America, Russian Federation,20-39days. +++ (Over 40 days, FULL refund.)

LINK:Details about Disney Store Mini Pixar`s INSIDE OUT Tsum Tsum 3.5″ Mini Plush Toy
Delivery will last approx: United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada 15 – 29 days. +++ (Over 30 days, FULL refund.) Other countries such as Brazil, Italy,South America, Russian Federation,20-39days. +++ (Over 40 days, FULL refund.)

LINK:会話するバービーは「空想を奪う」か 人工知能応用「スマートトイ」への懸念 (1/2)

LINK:Guess Who Just Got Cast as The Beast in Beauty and the Beast!
The internet has been abuzz with Beauty and the Beast casting news all day, and we have some exciting news to share! Walt Disney Studios has confirmed that Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey fame) will play the Beast in the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast! He’ll join Emma Watson as Belle and


LINK:Luke Evans to Play Gaston in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (EXCLUSIVE)
Luke Evans is in negotiations to play the villainous Gaston in Disney’s live-action retelling of “Beauty and the Beast,” which stars “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson as Belle and “Downton Abbey” alum Dan Stevens as the Beast.

LINK:Luke Evans to Play Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s Live-Action Movie, Starring Emma Watson?
Has Emma Watson’ Belle’s boorish, brainless and gorgeous suitor Gaston been found?

LINK:Hollywood Studios Update: Soundstage One Facade Work
While the Sorcerer’s Hat icon is completely gone (click here to view our last update covering the park’s hub), there are still other minor projects taking place around the park.

[映画.com ニュース] 「ホビット」シリーズ、「ワイルド・スピード EURO MISSION」などで知られる俳優ルーク・エバンスが、エマ・ワトソン主演の実写版「美女と野獣」に出演交渉中であることがわかった。

少しずつ寒さがやわらぎ、春の訪れが近づいてきていますね♪ 東京ディズニーリゾートにはひと足早く春がやってきました!

東京ディズニーシー®と東京ディズニーランド®では、6 月 24 日(水)から 7 月 7 日(火) の 14 日間、日本の伝統的な行事である“七夕”をテーマとしたプログラム「ディズニー七夕デイズ」を今年も開催します。

LINK:Toy Story 4 details surface
New details on Toy Story 4 have emerged. Since the project was announced last November, the reaction to it hasn’t been the most welcoming. Kyle recently shared an interview with Pixar’s president Jim Morris, and he had some interesting things to say about the 2017 feature.

LINK:Adventure By Disney – Addy Award Nomination
Here is a spot the I scored for Adventures By Disney. It ran in theaters in the United States last fall and I just learned today that we were nominated for an Addy. Thanks to the fantastic Chris Gernon for recommending me and shepherding this project along so ably.

LINK:D23 EXPO 2015 Invites Fans to Celebrate the Magic of All Things Disney in Mousequerade and D23 Expo Design Challenge
To highlight the creativity and passion fans have for all things Disney, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club is holding two remarkable contests in celebration of D23 EXPO 2015, which takes place August 14­–16 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

LINK:More Opportunities to Soar, Enjoy Toy Story Mania Coming to Walt Disney World Resort
Here at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, we’re always making investments to exceed your expectations – whether it’s creating new attractions and entertainment or making existing experiences even better.

LINK:BREAKING: Disney Confirms Expansion of Soarin’ and Toy Story Midway Mania at Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World is expanding two of its most popular attraction in an effort to lower guest wait times. As rumored, the Stage 1 building at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be home to a third ride track for Toy Story Midway Mania.

LINK:Toy Story Mania, Soarin’ to expand at Walt Disney World with new screens, tracks, and experiences
Walt Disney World announced today that two of its most popular attractions are expanding. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Mania will be receiving more track, adding to the attraction – though specifically what will be seen on that new track was not revealed.

LINK:Show Your Disney Side App | Disney Parks
The new Show Your Disney Side app will help bring YOUR Disney Side to life! Transform into a Jedi, a pirate, or other Disney Parks characters! Download the app today – http://di.sn/6001FrnBSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Disney Parks:Now, everyone in your family can share that side of them that lau

LINK:How to Draw: Aladdin’s Pal, Genie | Disney’s Hollywood Studios
This week, our Learn to Draw animation series offers up a lesson on how to draw Genie, Aladdin’s hilarious BFF. Read more on the Disney Parks Blog: http://bit.ly/1B2CCEdSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disney World, you’ve got a whole fantastic world to celebrate in! With

LINK:PHOTOS – New meet and greet area constructed at the Japan Pavilion to celebrate Japanese youth culture
What appears to be a new meet and greet area has been constructed at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. Located behind the bridge spanning the pond, and adjacent to the Katsuri Grill, the new area also includes queue space.

LINK:“It’s not 20K interior show scenes, but it IS an ALL-NEW edition of Disney A to Z! Only at Sam’s Club! http
It’s not 20K interior show scenes, but it IS an ALL-NEW edition of Disney A to Z! Only at Sam’s Club!

LINK:Disney Music’s Legacy Collection Release Calendar Updated; ‘Toy Story’ Release Postponed Indefinitely
With an originally advertised release date of March 17, 2015 looming dangerously near with no official mention of the Toy Story 20th Anniversary entry in the Disney Music Emporium’s Legacy Collection, several readers have reached out to us asking if we had any additional information.


ここは東京ディズニーシー、メディテレーニアンハーバーのポルト・パラディーゾにあるバフェテリア形式のレストラン「カフェ・ポルトフィーノ」。 イタリアの港町のリゾート・トラットリアの雰囲気を楽しめるので、

LINK:Disney Dreamers Academy Opening Parade | Walt Disney World
The eighth-annual Disney Dreamers Academy kicked off with a special parade in Magic Kingdom featuring the Dreamer Class of 2015, Steve Harvey, ESSENCE Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mikki Taylor & more! Visit – www.disneydreamersacademy.com #DDA2015SUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At

LINK:VIDEO: Indiana Jones Adventure 20th anniversary presentation at Disneyland with Imagineer Tony Baxter
This week in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Indiana Jones Adventure ride, Disneyland hosted special events for Annual Passholders that included a discussion of the ride’s creation and history.

LINK:Kids Remember – Disney Junior – Live on Stage! | Walt Disney World
Little ones share their favorite memory about seeing some of their favorite Disney Characters at Disney Junior – Live on Stage! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort! http://di.sn/6008F1HCSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disney World, you’ve got a whole

LINK:Disney Parks Moms Panel | Pirates Makeovers | The Pirates League
This buccaneer experience in Adventureland features makeovers that turn theme park guests into savvy swashbucklers. http://di.sn/6008FDeMhttp://www.disneyparksmomspanel.comSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disney World, you’ve got a whole fantastic world to celebrate in! Wit

LINK:Disney Parks Moms Panel | Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique | Pretty as a Princess
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a magical beauty salon in Walt Disney World Resort owned by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and operated by her Fairy Godmothers-in-training. It’s hard not to feel perfectly pampered in this magical boutique. http://di.sn/6006FDeKhttp://www.disneyparksmomspanel.comSUBSC

LINK:Disney Parks Moms Panel | Star Wars Weekends | May the Fun Be with You
The power of the Force returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios every summer, for five consecutive weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for the park’s annual Star Wars Weekends.http://di.sn/6002FDewhttp://www.disneyparksmomspanel.comSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disne

LINK:New Disney Side App Transforms You Into Disney Parks Characters
Our newest app, Show Your Disney Side, is now available for download and we think it’s going to be one of your favorites.

LINK:How Disney Thinks About Virtual Reality For Its Theme Parks
In a session at GDC this morning, Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Technologies Lead Bei Yang gave a talk about the work the entertainment giant has done with virtual reality.

LINK:Disney’s latest app transforms you into your favorite characters from Star Wars, Frozen & Disney Parks
Today Disney Parks released a free iOS app called Show Your Disney Side, which transforms you into a 3D moving Disney character. Your Disney Side is the part of you that laughs a little bit louder, believes in magic, and never backs down from a pirate fight (even against Captain Hook!).

今朝のGDCのセッションで、Walt Disneyのイマジニアリング(訳注:イマジネーションとエンジニアリングを掛け合わせた造語)クリエイティブ テクノロジー部門を率いるBei Yangは、エンターテイメント業界の大企業が仮想

LINK:カカーとミッキーの夢のコラボも? MLSデビューを迎えるオーランドを「夢の国」がバックアップ
MLS(メジャーリーグサッカー)のオーランド・シティは4日、ウォルト・ディズニー・ワールド・リゾートと複数年のスポンサー契約を締結したことを発表した。 まもなく開幕する2015年シーズンからMLSに新規参入す

LINK:Sneak Peek : New Novelty Items to Celebrate Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration : Disney Parks Blog
The countdown to the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration is on! After getting a peek at the new artwork coming to special 60th anniversary popcorn buckets and hot mugs for Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park, I couldn’t wait to share it with Disney Parks Blog readers.

LINK:Disney Dreamers Academy Welcome Ceremony | Walt Disney World
The Dreamer Class of 2015 received a warm welcome from Walt Disney World President George Kalogridis, Steve Harvey, ESSENCE Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Mikki Taylor and more! #DDA2015 www.disneydreamersacademy.comThe welcome ceremony also featured Gospel Artist Yolanda Adams and Disney Dreamers Aca

LINK:St. Patrick’s Day Dining and Entertainment in Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort
St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17, and guests at the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim can celebrate Irish heritage with their pick of locales for variations on the traditional corned beef meal, along with some special St. Patrick’s Day entertainment.

LINK:Vote of the Week: Disneyland to Close its Innoventions – What Should Replace It?
The Disneyland Resort confirmed today that it will close its Innoventions exhibit hall on March 31.

LINK:Did Disney Just Confirm a New Star Wars Attraction in 2016?
Everyone knows that Disney is working on new Star Wars attractions for all of their theme parks. But I don’t think anyone expected to see something as soon as next year.

LINK:Pinocchio, Age 75
Walt Disney’s film Pinocchio turned seventy-five years old last month. We have come a long way from this type of soulful, personal, compassionate, warmhearted and noble type of animated film making.

LINK:Kids Remember – Turtle Talk With Crush | Walt Disney World
Little ones share their favorite memory from a conversation they had with Crush the turtle from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo in Epcot! http://di.sn/6000F1KGSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disney World, you’ve got a whole fantastic world to celebrate in! With four spectacula

LINK:Disneyland’s Innoventions set to close March 31; will ‘Star Wars’ go in?
ANAHEIM – Disneyland’s Innoventions attraction is closing March 31, a Disneyland spokesman said Friday, and rumors are already flying that “Star Wars” attractions could end up there.

[映画.com ニュース] アカデミー賞作品賞のノミネート枠を5作品に戻す案が浮上していると、ハリウッド・レポーター誌が報じた。

LINK:Kids Remember – Enchanted Tales With Belle | Walt Disney World
Little ones share their favorite memory about stories with Belle and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast in Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort! http://di.sn/6009F1yJSUBSCRIBE: http://di.sn/q7hAbout Walt Disney World:At Walt Disney World, you’ve got a whole fantastic world to celebrate in!

LINK:“Live from the streets of Washington, DC just moments after The #Avengers defeated Ultron. http : //t.co/bEBxd17q4C https
Live from the streets of Washington, DC just moments after The #Avengers defeated Ultron. http://youtu.be/eRRfSseCe1g

LINK:「ディズニーランド・パリFrozen Summer Fun 」の予定
2015年6月1日からに9月13日までディズニーランド・パリで『アナと雪の女王』をテーマに夏イベント「Frozen Summer Fun」が開催されます。(2015年3月5日23:00 イベント名を追記)