CNBCにて行われた、ディズニー社CEOのボブ・アイガー氏と、投資家のジム・クレイマー氏のインタビューが公開されています。この中で海外パークへの投資継続のコメントがでました。8分50秒あたりから。Disney and moreがその点について書き下しています。

LINK:Bob Iger talks on CNBC about the future of Disney, HKDL, SDL, and more Here is the transcript of the part of the interview when he talks about HKDL and SDL and you have the full interview embedded below: “Hong Kong Disneyland is doing extremely well. That’s an opportunity not only in terms of growing the company long term but i think there are great opportunities to invest even further in that marketplace. You’re right,TDL, i’m going there in a couple of weeks, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, incredible. Very strong returns for a company. We’re building a theme park in Shanghai, Pudong, i can’t think of an opportunity for a company i’m more excited about because the opportunity to take that great theme park experience and Disney in its most immersive form to the most populous country in the world i think is extraordinary for the company, not just when it opens but for a long time to come because there is great opportunity to expand after we open…” 


が、Disney and moreも指摘しているように、この中にはディズニーランド・パリについての言及がないのが気になります。同サイトが以前だしていたように、やっぱり投資抑制モードに入っているのか…。